• 04-Jan-2016 9:09 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    Happy New Year!   2016 is going to be a big year for BSA, especially for our Fishing Program. We look forward to our shared success, and the many memories we will make for our Scouts.

    As you know, most District / Council Roundtables are scheduled for this week.  We need for you to make a presentation at these Roundtables, or get a commitment to present at the February Roundtable. 

    The topic of conversation is of course the BSA Fishing Program.  

    As part of this presentation, we would like for you to share the memories made in 2015. Better yet, why not get a young Scout to share his own story!

    Memories such as; Cub Scouts catching their first fish.  Parents experiencing new found activities with their sons.  Boy Scouts learning basic angler skills while earning he Fishing Merit Badge. Older Scouts taking those basic skills and building upon them and exploring the exciting world of Fly Fishing. Perhaps you can share your experience of opening the eyes of your Scouts as together you explore ways to participate in  Fish and Wildlife Management efforts and perhaps even discover a calling. 


    Perhaps you can describe the joy you receive personally when getting trained as a BSA Certified Angling Instructor, the new friendships formed. 

    Share your insight on how a quality Fishing Program at the Unit, District, and Council Level can provide great opportunities Scout Recruitment and Retention.  Share your experience of joy and when coaching and mentoring a Scout, making a difference in their life and leaving a legacy!

    Provide information as to how Scouters can learn more about the BSA Fishing program. Direct them to our Web Site Home so they can see all the CAI Training opportunities that are available in 2016. Explain that these supplemental leader trainings are available at a both Philmont and Sea Base. Further explain that BSA Regional Council Trainings are also planned, and these can be experienced at far less cost, and are closer to home.

    At a minimum, we ask that you please hand out the Certified Angler Award Application recently developed for BSA Awards Central to include in the official Scouting Awards. To access form click here: Certified Angler Award Submittal Form 2015.pdf.  Take form to your local copy store and make 50 copies and hand them out to your fellow Scouters. 

    For you convenience, we have provided an informational piece produced by Bryan On Scouting -Is your Scout a Complete Angler? To access article click here:

    To access a sample PowerPoint Presentation click here:BSA Fishing - Boy Scout Program - Basic Round Table Presentation.pptx

    Thanks in advance for your support of this initiative.

    Almost forgot, if you send us a picture of you making the presentation, you will be entered into a drawing for a Fly Tying Vice / Tools and Fly Tying Materials.  

    Wishing you all tight lines, bent rods and Fish ON!  

    Michael Brand - Communications

  • 16-Dec-2015 8:29 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    A Certified Angler Award Application has been developed for BSA Awards Central to include in the official Scouting Awards.  

    To access form click here:

    Certified Angler Award Submittal Form 2015.pdf

    Please include in all Scout and Venturing instructions and while fishing to all the Scouters.

    For you convenience, we have provided an informational piece produced by Bryan On Scouting -Is your Scout a Complete Angler?

    To access article click here:

    We highly encourage you to present the Complete Angler opportunities to your Council's / District Roundtables.  Please schedule a presentation today for the Spring Roundtables. 

    To access a sample PowerPoint Presentation click here:

    BSA Fishing - Boy Scout Program - Basic Round Table Presentation.pptx

    Thanks in advance for your support of this initiative.  

    Michael Brand - Communications

  • 07-Dec-2015 9:10 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    Listed below is a game suggested by Doug Darr, of the Aquatic Resources Education Association (AREA).  

    I would love to get the Scouts feedback on its effectiveness at the Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venturing Level. 

    Next time you meet with your Scouts, suggest to your unit leadership to run the game at the next meeting.

    Have the Scouts evaluate the game, and provide us feedback.

    Thanks and have fun!


    Materials: Have pieces of paper or other tokens representing food or energy.  Six tokens per player are plenty.

    Play Area: Define the boundaries for the game including safe baselines and "bases" that can be tables, chairs, or anything students can go to and touch or step on without being hurt.

    Goal: Get the most food tokens.

    Game: Let some participants pretend they are bass; the rest are bluegill.  Bass are in the middle of the playing field. Bluegill start at an end line with one token.  

    As bluegill go from one end line and back across the starting baseline, they receive another piece of food (token) from the leader.

    If a bass catches a bluegill, the bass get all the food from the bluegill, and the bass takes the bluegill back to the starting baseline (digestion).  The bluegill gets one food token from the leader and may play again.

    When a bluegill freezes, the bass is not sure it is food and won't eat it - doesn't see it.  If a bluegill is moving, it can be caught. 

    Bases where bluegill cannot be eaten are used to show how bass and bluegill hang around cover. Vary the number and size of bases.

    Vary the number of bass to show that in a water body with lots of bluegill, bass and bluegill are less likely to hang around cover.  Where bass are abundant, both the bass and bluegill tend to hang around cover.

  • 05-Dec-2015 11:03 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    The Central Region Area #7 Fishing Lead - Dennis Festerling  and I were wondering what materials you use when presenting the  CAI / BSA Fishing program at a your round table events.

    Dennis and I agree that, if we put some quality material together it would be easy to encourage CAI's to speak at Round Tables.

    1.  Simple 5 minute stand-up (more intro and where to get more info)

    2.  More extensive 10-15 minute talk (intro + specifics of CAI / Complete Angler)

    3.  A talk and possible activity. (All the above + an activity)

    If you have such materials please forward to  Dennis Festerling for review and evaluation,. 

    We will take all the great ideas submitted, and some ingredients, compile, and develop outstanding marketing materials.

    We intend on providing this tool for all of us to use as we address the "Nobody knows about us challenge" .  If you would like to assist   Dennis Festerling on this project, please let him know.

    Thanks again for all that you do for the Scouts who are depending on us.

    FISH ON!

    Michael Brand - Communications

  • 25-Nov-2015 1:11 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    I was just informed of a ICE CAMP Cub Scout Ice Fishing event to be held in Central Region Area #7 on January 2, 2016.  WOW!  How cool is that?  

    Here is the Team's vision.

    • Cub Scouts will be educated on how to Ice Fish and how to do it Safely. 
    • Ice fishing equipment and lunch will be provided.
    • Cubs Scouts, siblings and friends will surely want to get the ice beneath them at this completely free event. 
    • On line registration 

    Sounds like a great great Outdoor Program.  Memories will sure to be made.

    If you can make it to Camp Oakarro,  I am sure the team could use some assistance.   

    Check with Steve Klubertanz  Central Region Fishing Lead - Area #7, of open CAI Staffing slots. 

    If you are in that neck of the woods, please help spread the word about this upcoming event.  Promotion to local Packs, neighboring Districts and Councils would be a greatly appreciated.

    Wishing all the best to Steve and his team.   We cannot to see the pics of this innovative outdoor program experience.  FISH ON!

    If you are leading innovative Fishing Programs at the Unit, District, Council or Regional level, we want to know about them.  Drop us a line to feature your events.

    Michael Brand - Communications


  • 24-Nov-2015 2:16 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    BSA Introduces the New Program Features Volume 2, a guide to Program Planning.  This publication provides a launching point for you and youth members to plan exciting programs that will keep members coming back, facilitate advancement and personal growth, and help you achieve Scouting’s mission. 

    The Goal of Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crew is to make that planning a little easier for all.  Each program feature in the publication provides a month’s worth of program ideas for Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Scout Teams and Venturing Crews. 

    Content includes:

    • General information about the topic
    • Related Advancement Requirements and Awards
    • Games related to the topic (or that are just for fun)
    • Ideas for using the EDGE method (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable) to teach topics
    • Four weeks’ worth of meeting plans
    • Outlines of three main events (outings) that build in a length and intensity
    • Print and online resources related to the topic, including a list of related program features.

    As an example, Volume #2 Includes these 2 modules :

    Module #21 -Fishing - Catch Me If You Can

    Module #22 - Wildlife Management - Balancing the Needs of Wildlife and People

    We highly encourage our BSA Certified Angling Instructors to review the Modules contained within this publication #33111 which can be obtained at your local Scout Shop for $14.99. 

    Please build awareness of these Planning Guides, the BSA Complete Angler Award, and of upcoming BSA Training opportunities such as the BSA Certified Angling Instructor in your Area.  

    FISH ON! 

  • 23-Nov-2015 3:20 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    Wanted to share this article recently published on the Fish Habitats.

    This project was performed by the Scouts in the Central Region Area #3, specifically Greater St. Louis Area Council. These Scouts constructed 32 Fish Habitats that were given to the Missouri Department of Conservation. MDC then placed habitats in the  community Lakes.

    For the news article visit.

    Pics of the Scouts in action please visit.

    Please share your program achievements so that others may be inspired and #DaretoDo.

    Michael Brand - Communications

  • 15-Nov-2015 8:21 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)
    We need your help in building awareness of the BSA Complete Angler Award, and the BSA Certified Angling Instructor Program.  We encourage you to look for more opportunities to promote these exciting BSA programs and benefits.

    First, you may want to consider sharing this article from Bryan on Scouting with your Scouting Contacts.

    Secondly, you may want to consider building a "Science Fair Display Board"  and fill it with information on the BSA Fishing Program including:

    • Cub Scout Fishing Program, " A Bear goes Fishing"
    • Boy Scout Fishing and Fly Fishing Program, "Catch Me if you Can"
    • Angling Merit Badge Program, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Fish and Wildlife Management 

    These Display Boards can be shared at

    • District Roundtables (including Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturing), 
    • OA Lodge Fellowship Events, 
    • University of Scouting Training Events  

    Once you have gotten your line in the water, lets hook them, and reel them in!

    Wishing us all tight lines and FISH ON! 

    Michael Brand - Communications

  • 12-Nov-2015 7:58 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    This past September I had the opportunity to serve alongside, Ben Jelsema, Bill Pepito, Fred Hodge, and Jim Byrd.  Together we were the selected staff for the CAI Training Course to be held at Philmont Training Center, located in the Philmont Scout Ranch. 

    We met some great Scouters and together had a wonderful CAI course and Scouting experience.  For me, a couple of highlights of the course happened at the very beginning.  During our first session, Bill Pepito asked the attendees the following question.  “What is your purpose in taking the course?”

    Nearly all the answers given by the participants, were focused on improvement of the Scouting Outdoor Program Offerings, and of course focused on Fishing.  

    Most of the participants were avid fisherman, and most realized before attending the course that improvements needed to be made in the following areas.   

    • Building Awareness of the Fishing Program and its benefits to the Scout, and Scouting Program. 
    • Providing meaningful angler education, addressing the needs at each level of Scouting, focusing on the age and skill levels 
    • Improvement of the fishing equipment available to the Scouts
    • Improvement of Council Fisheries
    • Seeking for ways to add / improve the fishing programs back home, be it the unit, district, and council level.

    I though I should share a letter received from Stanley Wright, a graduate of that course.  This letter was written less than 30 days post our training event.  I wanted to share, because it inspired me to FISH ON!  I hope that it will do the same for you.

    October 14, 2015

    Just wanted to let you know what I've been up to.
    My first Fishing/Fly Fishing MB class coming up this weekend...  7 or 8 boys so far.

    Let's see if I got everything...

    Back Yard Bass kit
    8 Zebco rod and reel kits
    8 telescoping poles
    1 spinning rod
    1 bait casting rod
    4 fly rods
    2 rod caddies
    4 fly tying kits
    12 "fly making" stuff in zip-loc bags
    12 knot tying kits
    Assorted flys and lures
    Hook removal kit.
    "Patch covered" fly vest
    CAI Business Cards
    I know I'm forgetting something.....  LOL

    Aloha Council public relations lady wants a story, with pictures, of the MB class for the web site.

    Got a call from the Hawaii Fishing News... (our local fishing magazine)  my story on Philmont Training Center and the Complete Angler will run in the Nov. issue.

    Attended 2 district Round Tables and one quarterly district meeting to promote Complete Angler program.

    I have a booth at the University of Scouting to promote the Complete Angler Program, and I'm co-teaching the Philmont High Adventure and Philmont Training Center class.  Got my Shutterfly Book.

    I'm doing Back Yard Bass at the WEBELOS Overnighter in Nov.

    I'm doing Fishing MB at the LDS Merit Badge College in Jan.

    I can see why we need to train some more people to help...


    Philmont 3 col (1).pdf

    Philmont Cover.jpg

    Needless to say I was floored.  We shared a vision, we inspired action and Stanley DaredtoDo!, and he has caught fire.

    After reading this letter, I hope that you have felt a fresh breeze blow through your fire, no matter what stage of inner fire you may have today.   

    Hopefully the fire will glow a little brighter, and perhaps encourage you to catch fire, and #Daretodo! 

    Wishing you all tight lines and Fish On!

    Michael Brand - Communications

  • 31-Oct-2015 3:36 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    Habitat, Where the Fish are At!

     Have you ever fished a lake and wondered, “Where are the fish?”  Boy Scouts of America -  Certified Angling Instructors with the help of Scouts and Scouters from around the Greater St. Louis Area have been working to develop habitat that provides fish with cover and concentrates them for anglers.  

     Community lakes are home to many species of game fish, including crappie, bluegill, sunfish, bass, catfish.  Over time, natural fish habitat in the form of old stumps and trees that were buried when the reservoir was impounded began to rot and decay away.  Now that lakes are older, the old habitat needs refreshing.  

     While fish populations are controlled by bigger factors than just habitat; like available nutrients, protective regulations, consistent spawning, proper predator and prey balance, adding habitat may help anglers catch fish consistently.  

     In October 2015, BSA Certified Angling Instructor Nick Matteoni provided leadership to a team of 38 Boy Scouts and built 32 Spider Block Fish Habitats as part of their course work associated with earning the Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge.

     These newly constructed spider blocks will be added to community lakes with the help and guidance of the Missouri Department of Conservation.  Spider blocks simulate natural brush piles. These artificial structures provide protection to fry and fingerlings and will stay in place and last much longer than natural brush piles. The spider blocks resemble small underwater bushes, and offer hiding places for bass, crappie, and sunfish.  

     Spider Blocks are easily made from individual concrete blocks, with 14 - 5 ft. sections of Polyethelene Tubing -Size: 3/4", cemented into the open areas of the blocks. Spider blocks are normally sunk at a depth of about 10 foot.  

     "These fish attractors can concentrate larger numbers of fish in specific areas," said Michael Brand, BSA Central Region Fishing Advocate - Area #3. "This can give anglers an edge, especially if they know a few details about where to find the structure or how deep they are under the surface of the water. It can take some of the guessing out of the decision of where to fish, and hopefully can help anglers have more success.

     "One of our important goals is to help anglers be successful, and making these underwater fish attractors available to fish and then making their location available to our anglers is one way we can accomplish that goal," Brand said.

     CAI are beginning to create fish habitat in lakes all over the Central Region, all in an effort to produce “more bites per cast”.  The habitat work is made possible by donations provided by CAIs themselves, corporate sponsors, and good old Scout Service hours.

     So the next time you fish look for clues like buoys and signs indicating such work has been completed.  When you find the habitat, the fish will be there.  The rest is up to you!

    For some pics of the event, please visit

Address: 8 Forest Oak Ct, St. Louis, Missouri 63026

Phone: 314-477-8120

E-Mail: Michael Brand

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