• 30-Jul-2018 7:45 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    Ben Jelsema and Bill Pepito encouraged me to share this message.  

    Many of you may not know that I was able to do a live radio interview this past January at the National Professional Anglers Association Annual Meeting in early January.  As a result of that broadcast, I was recently  asked to be interviewed on the Cutting Edge Outdoors.

    They broadcast out of Hales Corners (a suburb of Milwaukee) Wisconsin but reach all of southeastern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and points nortth.  Audience around 10-12k!

    Here is the link to the podcast to check out The Big Fish!

    I encourage you to find ways to spread the word of BSA Fishing Programs, be it in your unit, District, Council, Area or Region.  We have a great story to tell.  We need the message to be shared.

    I thank you for your service to Scouting, during the Spring and Summer programs.  Many memories were made, and the opportunity for continued impact looks more promising then ever.  Please encourage Scouters to get Trained as Certified Angling Instructors,   Encourage Scouts to earn the Complete Angler Recognition Award, and lets get those Cub Scouts on the water, both the girls and the boys!

    FISH ON!

    Michael Brand - Communications

  • 27-Jul-2018 9:00 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)
    Below is an article found in the American Flyfisher, the quarterly journal of the American Museum of Flyfishing in Vermont.  It hails the BSA as the “Keeper of the Flame” of Flyfishing.

    Interesting reading and shows how the BSA has help boys learn to fish and love it from the beginning.

  • 18-Jul-2018 12:24 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    ​Here is a quick video of the fun Cub Scout Leaders have learning!. 


  • 25-Jun-2018 9:12 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)
    Wanted to let you all see this great event Fishing  Program planned for the Central Region - Area 2.

    If you are located near Detroit, we would love your help. It is a great chance to meet Tom Redington.

    The team will be rigging rods and reels and making ready that Friday eve at 6-8 pm, June 29, then Saturday morning we are having all volunteers show up at 7 AM.  

    All activities at St Clair Metropark, follow signs for FLW weigh in/youth fishing derby. 

    Justin Williams is the lead for the Detroit council. 

    Mike Goldman from Boys’ Life will be in, maybe you can get him to make mention in a blog or article about how CAIs are the ultimate resource for these events. 

    Thanks for all that you do!

    Michael Brand

  • 11-Jun-2018 9:51 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    For a copy of the Summer CAI Newsletter 2018 click here.  

  • 21-May-2018 4:14 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    I would like to invite you to attend a CAI Course Director Conference in 2018.

    These conferences are facilitated by members of the BSA National Fishing Task Force, and are designed to develop existing Certified Angling Instructors, like you, into confident CAI Course Directors.

    The conference will enhance your understanding of the Mission and Vision of Outdoor Programs.  You will be provided a CAI course manual that guides your step by step instructions, in creating a CAI course for your District / Council / Area. 

    The conference will include; in depth discussion on;

    • course design
    • advertising and promotion
    • staff and participant recruitment
    • staff development 
    • financial considerations
    • facility considerations 
    • best practices on content and delivery in both the classroom and the field

    Below is a listing of scheduled 2018 CAI Course Director Conferences.

    Northeast Region: June 8-10, 2018  - Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum; Livingston Manor, NY 12758 - For more information - Contact North East Region Chairman - Jim Byrd

    Western Region: September 16-22, 2018 - Philmont Training Center; Cimmarron New Mexico  For more information - Contact Western Region Chairman - Tim Beaty

    Central Region: November 2-4, 2018 - Camp Drake, Prarie Land Council; Fairmont Illinois  For more information - Contact North East Region Chairman - Michael Brand

    Southern Region: TBA - For more information - Contact North East Region Chairman - Bill Pepito

    Please consider serving as a CAI Course Director in 2019 and experience the joy of teaching Scouters to be BSA Certified Angling Instructors, increase your reach and influence to count for better Scouting! #DARETODO!  #DELIVERTHEPROMISE! #GETURFISHON!

    Michael Brand - Communications

  • 21-May-2018 10:03 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    This past weekend, four BSA Certified Angling Instructor Training Courses were held around the country.  

    Central Region:

    Area 3 - Greater St. Louis Area Council

    CAI Course Director - Robert Quam

    Graduates - 12

    Area 6 - Dan Beard Council

    CAI Course Director - James Ridgeway

    Graduates- 5

    Area 7 - Three Harbors Council 

    CAI Course Director - Steve Klubertanz

    Graduates- 9

    Northeast Region:

    Area 4 - Laurel Highlands Council

    Course Director - William Milliron

    Graduates - 10 

    As a result, we graduated the 1,000th CAI!

    Congratulations again to all the prior 999 graduates of the CAI Programs, and a special thank you to Course Directors and Staff that provided the leadership and investment of time and talents and have left such a legacy!

    Job Very Well Done!  

    FISH ON!

  • 04-May-2018 12:51 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    From the Chief: Angling for Success

    By Mike Surbaugh
    From the May-June 2018 issue of Scouting magazine
    From the CSEMagazine

    Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll have a lifelong hobby.

    Few activities are so fundamental to the human experience as fishing. Hailing from the hunter-gatherer days, fishing offers timeless benefits to the body and soul.Whether you’re casting knee-deep in a chilly mountain stream first thing in the morning or dropping a line off the dock in the heat of the afternoon sun, fishing is the outdoorsman’s meditation. Nothing but you, the scenery and the quiet. Fishing teaches people the art of sitting with their thoughts, an important lesson in our world of technology-enabled interruption. Beyond that, it teaches the necessity of patience and persistence while demonstrating that though good things come to those who wait, there are no guarantees in life. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

    The perks of fishing extend beyond the mental and moral lessons of the experience; there are actual physical health benefits of fishing, as well. Getting to a good fishing spot often requires some variety of exercise, be it hiking, rowing or paddling. Sunlight gives us vital vitamin D, and time in nature is shown to reduce stress, potentially lowering blood pressure.

    Fishing also is a fun way to use and build your Scouting knowledge. It’s a basic survival skill that requires use of knots, the ability to navigate nature while leaving no trace and, potentially, the use of first aid. If a Scout knows all that, plus the basics of the equipment and its use, he or she will be well on the way to earning the Fishing merit badge! Incidentally, it is an elective badge for earning a William T. Hornaday award, which you can learn about in this issue.

    Above all, fishing is fun. It’s a great opportunity to bond with family or friends by practicing a skill together and sharing an experience. It can also inspire your travel plans or help you better appreciate where you live. Whether you visit a beach or frequent your neighborhood pond, fishing can help you notice nature in a whole new way. Next time you’re planning an adventure, consider adding fishing to the itinerary and see how the experience treats you. You just might find yourself hanging a “Gone Fishing” sign on your door on a regular basis.

    Yours in Scouting,

    Michael Surbaugh 

    Chief Scout Executive

  • 30-Apr-2018 2:00 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

    A Facebook Group has been recently developed to increase fishing and fishing conservation discsusion in the Boy Scouts of America community.  You are encouraged to post questions about fishing, pictures of your fish and unit, district news having to do with fishing and fishing conservation.   This group is for youth and adults to enjoy.   To access click here: Scout'n Fish 

    We continue to maintain the Certified Angling Instructor Facebook Group supported by the BSA National Fishing Task Force.  This Group is designed to communicate with those youth and adultes that have completed the certification and seek further knowledge and opportunity to be part of a National fishing community. to access click here:  CAI Certified Angling Instructor 

    BSA Certified Angling Instructors and BSA Angling Educators are true Conservationists.  We encourage you to learn more about the The Hornaday Awards Programs.  The month of May and June in Scouting Magazine will cover the Award on pages 26 - 29 of the issue.  To access the Article  click here "The Earth Thanks You"  .   

    Please share the above information with your Contacts and on social media.

    We appreciate your help, as together we promote the love of the outdoors, the sport of Fishing, and its postive impact on the Scouts we serve!  FISH ON!  

    Michael Brand

  • 26-Apr-2018 9:34 AM | Michael Brand (Administrator)
    You asked for it you got it! 

    We can now reach our BSA Certified Angling Instructor website by visiting  

    Also, associated with this change, all e-mails will now be sent from:

    BSA Fishing - Certified Angling Instructors <>

    Kudos to CAI Dan Roberts and CAI Bret Bolton for making change happen. 

Address: 8 Forest Oak Ct, St. Louis, Missouri 63026

Phone: 314-477-8120

E-Mail: Michael Brand

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