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Fishing and Fly-Fishing Merit Badge Counselor Guides

19-May-2020 1:36 PM | Michael Brand (Administrator)

Are you a Merit Badge Counselor for Fishing or Fly Fishing or Both?  Have we got a surprise for you.

Fresh off the press! Revised Merit Badge Counselor Guides for your use.  These guides provide you awesome information to be used when working with you Scouts.

Click on the links below to access the file.

Fishing MB Counselor Guide

Fly Fishing MB Counselor Guide

A sincere note of thanks should be sent to Peter Adams and his Task Team.  Super Effort!

If you are not a merit badge counselor and are called to service by reading these guides, please call your local Council today!  The youth are deserving of your time, and the return of your investment of time is huge!

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