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  • 08-Apr-2021 10:28 AM | Jim Ridgeway (Administrator)

    Greetings fellow CAIs!

    Let me welcome you all to fishing adventures in 2021. Since the Fall of 2020 we have created Online Training and welcomed more than 250 new CAIs. New training programs are being added, so look for more to appear on the CAI website in late Spring.

    We, as Certified Angling Instructors, are charged with using fishing to Recruit, Retain and Reactivate Scouts and Scouters at all levels.

    As CAI Program Director I want to challenge our veteran CAIs to reactivate and join our newest CAIs as they share their enthusiasm. Share your experience with them!  Help them succeed!

    Let us recruit and get more to join our ranks to increase the number of Scouts in our units, districts, and councils. This is sorely needed now.

    Also, when was the last time you updated your Profile? Many of us have new email and phone contact info. Take some time today, review your Profile and update it as well.

    Also, why not re-connect with CAI members on establishing and strengthening our Council Fishing Committees. For help contact Kathy Myszewski at  She is ready and willing to assist you.

    I hope that, if you are able and Covid 19 is not an issue in your area, you will join with others to support fishing activities at Scout events and Summer Camps. There is plenty to do to get ready for fishing season and camp, including reel and rod maintenance, camp fishery preparation, and camp staff training. Make that Scout a catcher who learns to release that fish for another day. Share the Promise of Scouting.

    Special thank you to members of our Training Teams who have hosted multiple CAI program trainings. I encourage everyone to step up and join a training team.

    If I can be of assistance reach out to me:

    Fish On!

    Paul Minenna, CAI Program Director

    Member of the BSA National Fishing Subcommittee

  • 10-Feb-2021 7:45 PM | Jim Ridgeway (Administrator)

    Although the CAI course is the BEST way to become a more informed and trained fishing and fly fishing counselor, you must complete a new MB counselor application and complete an adult application to be an official MB counselor. 

    See your local council to complete your MB counselor application.

    -National Fishing Committee

  • 24-Jan-2021 2:01 PM | Jim Ridgeway (Administrator)

    January 22, 2021

    Dear Anglers,

    Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021.

    Welcoming in the New Year, we have some announcements we want you to be aware of.

    I am pleased to announce our new CAI Program Director, Paul Minenna, who most recently served as the Northeast Region Fishing Director .  His new role will be to guide all BSA Certified Angling Instructor (CAI) programs.  He is very excited to take this role.  If you want an hour-long conversation with Paul, ask him about centerpin fishing.  I have no idea what you fish for with a centerpin rod and reel but it is worth asking the question just to hear his passion.

    We are excited about the number of people signing up for our new online CAI courses.  Encourage your Scout fishing buddies to become CAIs as they will have a lot of fun talking and learning about fishing and will gain a greater understanding about how to teach the sport we all love to BSA youth.  We are currently testing the first CAI course with remote practical fishing skills instruction and demonstration.  With this course, you will be able to complete the skills part of the CAI course from anywhere.

    We are also are developing advanced fishing skills classes as continuing education opportunities for you.  We are currently working with Mudhole Fishing to get rod building classes off the ground.  We have developed an advanced fly-fishing course, and are developing saltwater, high adventure and canoe/kayak fishing courses.  If you have any ideas for courses you would like to see, please tell us.  Our goal here is to help you develop your skills further so you can enjoy the sport more and offer great programs to scouts.

    January 3rd, you may have received   an email about a professional discount offer from Expertvoice exclusive to BSA CAIs.  Please check out this offer.  There are discounts on all kinds of outdoor equipment including sunglasses, tents, fishing reels, waders, hooks, rain gear, sleeping bags, binoculars and much more. There are well over 200 manufacturers who will offer you discounts.

    In recent weeks you may have received notices inviting you to take part in courses for continuing education.  We encourage you to continue to improve your skills and learn more about the sport of fishing to help our scouts succeed.  As with all things online, please be cautious about the source of the information.  Any course offered through the National Fishing Committee will be found listed on the website.  Any other invitation will be from an outside source and is not a course sponsored by the National Fishing Committee.  For the full list of courses being offered through the National Fishing Committee visit

    We plan on more Fireside Chats this spring, so look for the announcements.  These fireside chats give you the chance to share experiences with the committee and to hear about new and upcoming opportunities for you to expand the fishing programs in your council.

    Happy fishing in the new year,

    Rick Kagawa

    BSA National Fishing Subcommittee Chair


  • 01-Dec-2020 10:46 AM | Michael Brand

    Giving Tuesday! One of the many worthy missions for your generous gifts!

    Please consider giving to this mission. For more information visit

    Or Contact Jeff Wilson  for more information.

  • 23-Nov-2020 4:53 PM | Michael Brand

    USDA Forest Service Supports Youth Education
    with Fish Art Contest

    For Immediate Release:

    Contact: Julia Luger,

    WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN – Wildlife Forever is proud to recognize the USDA Forest Service for their support of the 2021 Fish Art Contest. By teaching youth the Art of Conservation®, the national partnership reaches thousands of young people each year and is used by educators as an introduction to outdoor recreation.

    The award-winning Art of Conservation Fish Art Contest connects young people to fish, fishing, and aquatic conservation through art, writing, and science. To enter, contestants create an original illustration of any species from the Official Fish List and a one-page writing entry. Entries are due postmarked by March 31st each year.  For details on contest rules, entry forms, and to view past winners, visit
    Nat Gillespie, Assistant National Fish Program Leader at the USDA Forest Service, said “The Fish Art Contest is an innovative program that introduces young people to the outdoors using the Art of Conservation. The Forest Service manages 220,000 miles of streams and rivers and over 10 million acres of lakes and reservoirs that are home to some of the most popular, most beautiful, and rarest fish in the country, and we are proud to be building the next generation of conservation stewards with the Fish Art Contest.”

    “The Art of Conservation Fish Art Contest eliminates many traditional barriers and provides an all-inclusive platform for youth education. The USDA Forest Service is a leader in supporting conservation initiatives and building stewardship. I am grateful for their vision and support. Investing in youth is the key to our future,” said President and CEO of Wildlife Forever, Pat Conzemius.

    The 2021 Fish Art Contest is now open and accepting entries. The deadline to enter is March 31st, 2021 so start creating today! Details available at

    About the USDA Forest Service: The USDA Forest Service is a multi-use agency that manages and protects 154 national forests and 20 grasslands in 43 states and Puerto Rico. The agency’s mission is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the nation’s forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present and future generations. Learn more about the Forest Service fisheries program at:

    About the Fish Art Contest: The award-winning Wildlife Forever Fish Art™ Contest, with support from Title Sponsor Bass Pro Shops, the USDA Forest Service and Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, brings children, art and aquatic conservation together! The annual contest reaches thousands of youth each year. New distance learning resources allow students to participate from home or classroom and complement a wide array of educational programming. To enter, young artists create an original illustration of any fish from the Official Fish list and written words detailing its habitat, and efforts to conserve it. Entries are categorized in four grade levels: K-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. Educators nationwide utilize Fish On!, the full-color Fish Art Lesson Plan, integrating the disciplines of science and art. Entries are due postmarked or emailed by March 31st each year.

    About Wildlife Forever: Our mission is to conserve America's wildlife heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of fish and wildlife. Wildlife Forever is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to investing resources on the ground. Recent audits reveal that 94% of every dollar supports our award-winning conservation programs. Please, Join Today and learn more about the Fish Art Contest®, Clean Drain Dry Initiative™ and Prairie City USA® at


  • 23-Nov-2020 2:14 PM | Michael Brand

    In today’s current environment, our Scouts need to get into the Outdoors!

    As Merit Badge Counselors for Fishing, Fly-Fishing, and Fish and Wildlife Management, we have a unique opportunity to get these Scouts and their families outside.  How can we do this and keep you and the Scout Safe? We can do this by offering our Merit Badges in a Virtual Environment. 

    Earning Outdoor-oriented Merit Badge in a Virtual Environment:

    1.     Scouts may complete a portion of any merit badge online. Some outdoor-oriented merit badge requirements can be completed in a virtual environment.  These requirements include those that ask the Scout to; “Show,” “Demonstrate,”; “Describe, “Make,” or “List.”

    2.     Outdoor-oriented merit badges should require completion in an Outdoor Environment. 

    We are extending a personal invitation to;

    Training - Fishing Merit Badge Program Delivery-Virtual Environment

  • 22-Nov-2020 2:40 PM | Michael Brand

    My hope is you can fit this on your to-do list after Thanksgiving but before the New Year.

    Please review the piece tilted;

    Enhancing Angling Experiences-2021

    Thank you all for what you have done and what you will continue to enhance our Scout Fishing Experiences. 

    Until we meet again, wishing you tight-lines and Fish On!

    Michael Brand

    BSA National Sub-Committee-Fishing

    Task Team Lead - Marketing and Communication

  • 21-Nov-2020 10:53 PM | Michael Brand

    Take a moment out of your busy life and reflect on Why-BSA Fishing Programs are essential.  

    Now write down your thoughts on a napkin or piece of Paper.

    After you have recorded your thoughts, please review the following pieces titled 2020-Why-BSA Fishing: To access the files click below.

    2020-Why-BSA Fishing-1 Pager

    2020-Why-BSA Fishing-4 Pager

    How did your response compare to ours?

    To support your efforts in Delivering your Promise to our Scouts. You may want to share these pieces with a personal note to fellow Scouters at the Unit, District, and Council Level.

    Consider asking them how you can help them Deliver the Promise in these challenging times.

    You may want to offer your help, whether virtual or small, while following BSA Safety Guidelines.


    Michael Brand 

    BSA National Sub-Committee Fishing - Member 

    Task Team - Marketing & Communications - Lead

  • 19-Nov-2020 4:14 PM | Michael Brand

    Repost of Trails to Adventure Posting Summer Edition 2020

    Trail to Adventure - Summer Edition - Fishing Program.pdf

  • 19-Nov-2020 10:25 AM | Michael Brand
    NOVEMBER 2020
    First National Camping School Short-Term Camp Administrator Trainings Begin
    On October 17th, twenty-eight Scouters took part in the first ever National Camping School Short-Term Camp Administrator training. The course was hosted online and facilitated by the National Service Center. These participants played a valuable role in giving immediate feedback to the content of the course
    NEW BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award Materials Available Online Now
    In October, the BSA announced the William T. Hornaday Award, was discontinued, and replaced by the new BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award.
    Central Region Winter Outdoor Program Conferences
    Due to the ongoing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Central Region Outdoor Program Support Committee (CROPS) has made the difficult decision to offer virtual conferences in January 2021.
    See all posts on the Trail to Adventure blog »

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