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Dear CAI Scouter, 

We know you love to see kids fish. How about kids that have never seen a fishing pole? Or what about kids that are too poor to have ever had the opportunity to go fishing? Both are important objectives. Is it also important to preserve habitats for all wildlife, so that those resources will be available for our future generations?

We believe all Scouts should have the opportunity to catch a fish, and hopefully, within a reasonable period of time! Would it also be important for that same boy or girl to have the opportunity to clean and eat a fish.... build self-confidence and survival skills? Just as important, maybe that same scout should experience the beauty of releasing a fish back into the wild for another day. To see their fish swim off safely and in good condition. Should they appreciate the beauty around them... appreciate the wonder that all nature has to offer? Do our scouts need to become future stewards of tomorrow’s planet? All good questions that deserve an answer!

Our Founder, Baden Powell, was a pioneer of release fishing. He also believed a scout should be able to survive in adverse conditions. Just as important, he believed that a scout must appreciate his surroundings and then leave no trace behind. Is it our responsibility to strive for those goals for our young scouts?

Will you help us with our objective to do just that?

Perhaps, soon, in the not so distant future, we can reestablish healthy fishing lakes in summer camps. Maybe one day, we can provide camps that don’t even have a lake to fish in, a place for Scouts to compete for awards and merit badges. A place where Scouts can practice healthy conservation ethics.

Please consider helping us and donate to our newly established donor advised fund to make these and other goals become a reality.  Every donation, no matter how small, will help tremendously. 

All proceeds go directly to helping the boys and girls of Scouting. Here are the details on how YOU can help: So, please help with $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford. It’s not the amount.... it’s the commitment that counts! Thank you all.

Make your checks payable to:

Raymond James Charitable 

On the FOR ________(line)

Notate: BSA National Fishing Task Force, account # 180828  

Mail to:

Raymond James Charitable

P.O. Box 23559

St. Petersburg, FL 33742

You should receive a thank you, acknowledgement and your tax-deductible letter within three weeks. The Our new finance committee has decided on the following gifting levels, with affordable recognition to follow: 


 Giving Level  Minimum  Maximum
 Bluegill  $25  $99
 Rainbow  $100  $499
 Steelhead  $500  $999
 Bonefish  $1,000  $4,999
 Silver King  $5,000  $9,999
 Pacific Sail  $10,000  $99,999
 Blue Marlin  $100,000  $249,999
 Grand Slam Master  $250,000  plus

Fish On!

For more information contact Jeff Wilson

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